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Vaccinne Testing


Sinclair operates two miniature swine production facilities located in Columbia, Missouri and Windham, Maine. The AAALAC accredited state-of-the-art facilities are environmentally friendly, with a computer controlled 100% fresh-air ventilation system that recovers 80% of the energy from the air exhaust. Based on 40 years of swine production experience, the new facility is designed around a revolutionary production system tailored specifically for the special needs of the miniature swine. An integrated socialization and enrichment program provides human and conspecific contacts and environmental enhancements. Husbandry emphasizes daily human contact, routine treat and toy offerings, visual contact with adjacent pens, elimination of nose to nose contact in young animals, and minimal regrouping to maintain established social hierarchies. The inherent production stresses associated with weaning, animal movement, and regrouping are greatly minimized. The animal flow is tightly controlled and friendly to both animals and people, and ultimately gives you, our client, a superior miniature swine.