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International Institute For The Advancement of Medicine

IIAM is a world-leading provider of non-transplantable, healthy and diseased, human organs and tissues for medical research, education and development. These biomaterials are recovered within 0-60 minutes from cross-clamp from organ transplant donors who have authorized use of the non-transplantable organs for research. The organs are shipped directly from the recovery suite in preservation and delivered to the researcher’s lab in 12-24 hours. -- With access to over 15,000 organs for research each year, IIAM enables qualified researchers, scientists, healthcare and biotech professionals to obtain fresh, human tissues for medical and scientific advancement. Please visit us at

IIAM Works with:
- Organ procurement organizations
- Organ and tissue donors in the U.S.
- Hospitals
- Tissue banks

For any inquiries please contact Dolores Baldasare, IIAM Research Liaison directly: 845-694-8440


The Centre for Heart Lung Innovation has been working with the IIAM for over 8 years to enable our translational medical research on Lung and Heart Diseases. The organization is extremely well coordinated responding to donor family needs to contribute to medical science, and the needs of researchers to obtain well maintained organ specimens around the world. Such medical research enabled by IIAM is essential if we are to truly discover new therapies for common Heart and Lung Diseases that affect families worldwide.


It is a pleasure to deal with a company who offer a personal, professional and gracious service in the allocation of human organs for research. They carry out the wishes of the next of kin with the utmost respect, ensuring that organs are delivered safely, and quickly to our research projects around the world. They truly are an important cog in the advancement of medical research and the discovery of new therapies.


As a researcher for a large biotechnology organization, I have collaborated with IIAM on many procurement recoveries throughout the years. This challenging but very important service continues to enabled our team to effectively support the scientific and medical research communities in order to better the human condition and make this world healthier, cleaner, and safer. I have seen first-hand how IIAMs amazing work helps in the global fight against disease because of their outstanding team that makes every tissue donation for research a meaningful and fullfilling experience for everyone involved from the donor, donor's family, donor's friends, healthcare members, and researchers alike. Thank you IIAM!!


We have been working with IIAM for many years for our research tissue needs. The quality, dedication and attention to detail of their representatives has always been impressive!


We have used IIAM for procuring organs for several years now and have always been pleased with the high quality professional service. Dolores and Allyson have been great to work with and always gone the extra mile to make sure everythings works smoothly.